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Article: Standing Feet Without Bolts

Standing Feet Without Bolts

Standing Feet Without Bolts

Have you ever wondered if there is some way to keep your silicone love doll standing without the bolt?
For some reason, you might not prefer what the bolts look like. Or you're worried that the long time duration of standing might damage your beloved sex doll. Moreover, it's not convenient when you clean your love doll. You have to keep an eye on the doll's feet, ensuring they are outside the tub at all times and avoid contact with water.
It's really pretty much a lot of trouble, right?
Our team released a "standing feet without bolt" for silicone sex dolls to fulfill customers' needs and catch up with market trends.
Standing feet without bolts feature a hard silicone material that will allow the doll to stand without metal studs and bolt hardware. These feet look regular but are hard enough to support the doll. It won't scratch the floor or pierce socks. Apart from allowing your sexy love doll to stand without the bolts, the biggest advantage of this option is that it keeps the doll looking more beautiful and realistic, therefore more photogenic.
But we didn't get it right from the start. Initially, the doll's feet had noticeable seam marks, which affected the visual aesthetics. Later, after continuous improvement, the seam marks completely disappeared. Now showing our non-bolts-standing feet.
Standing feet are designed to enable the doll to have more postures. Neither non-bolts-standing feet nor ordinary standing feet can stand for a long time. If you must store your doll in a standing position, please place a soft towel or pillow under the doll's feet and let the doll lean against the wall.

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