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Article: 5 Things To Think About Before Having Sex With A Sex Doll

5 Things To Think About Before Having Sex With A Sex Doll

5 Things To Think About Before Having Sex With A Sex Doll

You've ordered your doll and are now ready for your first encounter. You're excited about the experience but also a little nervous. Sex can sometimes be awkward, but that doesn't have to go away as you gain experience.

There is no right or wrong way to have sex with a sex doll. This is because you are exploring and discovering your fetishes, and it could take some time.

If you want to have sex with your sex doll, remember the following tips.

1. Are you using the correct lube?

During intercourse with your doll, use a water-based lubricant. Some choose not to; it is entirely up to you. As an alternative lubricant, you can use baby oil or Vaseline. However, if you want the best intercourse, use a regular lubricant.

Check that the lubricant you're using is water-based. Silicone should not be used because it can damage the TPE material.

2. Brain stimulation

Sex starts in mind. Your brain is a far more potent sex organ than your genitals. This is the origin of sex. Consider sex play before the main act. This will heighten your senses in anticipation of sex with your love doll.
You can have fantasies all day before sex to get the most out of this. And don't forget about foreplay once you've arrived.

3. Check that the Holes are clean.

This is where everything will happen. Clean holes will allow you to insert into any hole you want.
When cleaning, make use of a vaginal flusher. Flush the holes with water and the provided pump. To absorb humidity, insert a piece of cloth. To clean the outside, use soap and water.
Wipe until dry; never use a hairdryer because it will melt your sex doll. Apply a little baby powder to her skin. It will absorb any moisture and improve the overall appearance.
Tampons should be used for the mouth, vagina, and anus. You can easily insert them, and they will absorb the moisture. They are easily removed with a strip and do not produce fluff.

4. Is it necessary to warm it first?

Remember that your sex doll is not a real woman or girl. She's not going to lubricate herself like a real girl. You have to admit that a sex doll is cold due to the material she is made of. She is unable to maintain a constant temperature like an ordinary girl.
You must heat your doll for it to feel more natural and warm. As a result, the sex will be fantastic. Heating your sex doll before the action will make her feel more natural and authentic. That is why you should keep your sex doll warm.
You can heat/warm your sex doll in a variety of ways.
You can keep your doll warm by sleeping with her under your duvet. The TPE material will absorb your body and the blanket's heat, and she'll stay insulated for a while.
An electric heating blanket can be used. Use it in conjunction with an internal heating device for the best results. You can even warm up specific areas of your sex doll by wearing heated clothing such as gloves or vests.
You could use a warming lube, which warms up as you use it. Use a water-based lubricant.
When you buy a sex doll, use the external heating device that most of them come with. You can plug it in and leave it to heat for about 20 minutes.

5. Is your doll shared or unshared?

If you've hired your doll for a day or two, ensure it's shared. As a result, you should use a condom.
If the doll is still new and this is your first time cleaning it, make sure it is chemical-free. The chemicals used to make your doll can harm your body.
If the doll is yours alone, you have nothing to worry about. Despite this, you must keep your doll clean at all times. A dirty doll or one which is not cleaned will attract bacteria that can be hazardous to you.

6. Last Thoughts

In the heat of the moment, don't rush. Take the time to create a welcoming environment. You'll be more than prepared. Consider the factors above to avoid any misfortune that may interfere with your good time.
You are responsible for lighting fireworks while having sex with your love doll. Sex, once again, is messy and human, and even if you practice it daily, it is an exploration that makes sex fun.

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