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Article: Adult Sex Dolls: A Beginners Guide

Adult Sex Dolls: A Beginners Guide

Adult Sex Dolls: A Beginners Guide

So, what is a sex doll or love doll?

Hello there! You've probably heard of a sex doll. But, just in case, a sex doll is a life-size silicone or TPE sex doll with which you can have sex. To put it simply, a super-duper human adult toy. But it's much more than a big sex toy for some people — and it's not a sex toy for others (more on this later).
Love dolls, real dolls, silicone sex dolls, silicone lovers, or companions are other names for sex dolls.

How are sex dolls made?

Although it may not appear significant, understanding how sex dolls are made can help you better understand the process if you decide to buy one in the future. The process of creating a sex doll is quite complex.

Here's a quick rundown of the procedure:

First, an artist creates a full-size clay model of the doll's body. It can take months for the artist to perfect the model, working from photographs and sketches to help create and design the perfect doll.

When the clay sculpture is finished, a mold for the model is cast. The mold is a negative representation of the clay. Liquid TPE or silicone is poured into the mold and allowed to set around a possible metal skeleton.

The mold is then removed from the doll's body, which is hand-finished by the workshop's artists. They smooth and treat the skin and apply the final touches to the makeup and details.

The heads are made the same way as the bodies but in a different mold. This may not seem important, but it's essential to understand how it's done so you can make an informed decision if you buy a sex doll. The process of making a sex doll is intricate.

How much can you customize a sex doll?

Our dolls' body shapes and sizes are created using pre-made molds. Other body types are created using different molds; once a mold is created, it cannot be adjusted. As a result, changing the breast size of a particular doll requires completely changing the mold. So, when choosing a doll, remember that each will have its own distinct body shape and size.
All sex dolls are handcrafted and custom-made. Even dolls sold as pre-assembled items are made to order. Preconfigured dolls are handcrafted dolls that come with a predetermined set of options. Purchasing a preconfigured doll does not imply that you are from a faraway magical land; instead, the doll is handmade for you as an individual order rather than mass-produced.

Sex toys are time-consuming to make, and most people want to personalize their purchase, so it is not financially feasible for most smaller retailers like us to keep stock on the off chance that someone might like it exactly "as the photo."

Can I order a custom sex doll?

You certainly can! You can personalize your love doll by selecting a whole doll's components.

Individual components include the head, body, eyes, fingernails, toenails, skin color, wig, pubic hair (or not), areola color, labia color, and size, nipple color and size, skeleton type (shrugging shoulders), standing or non-standing feet. Hand-finished details such as freckles and other hand-painted finishes are available upon request.
Sex dolls are available with a variety of features. Some include built-in heating elements, hymens, and even wireless sound simulations. But don't get too excited about sex robots just yet. You'd need to supply enough photos for the sculptor to recreate your "vision" or design if you wanted to make your own doll from scratch.

For the time being, we want to give you an idea of what's possible and explain that dolls can be fully customized in various ways. If you already believe you're ready, you can put your knowledge to the test and brush up on all of the custom doll options here.

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