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Article: How Expensive Is A Sex Doll?

How Expensive Is A Sex Doll?

How Expensive Is A Sex Doll?

To begin with, expensive sex dolls are usually individually-customised and handmade by expert artisans with advanced production technology. From an AI-powered processor that gets better as it learns more about your profile to a full range of facial animatronic movements for added realism, sex dolls have definitely come a long way since the age of medieval seafarers. Fortunately, given the growing popularity of sex dolls in the international scene, more and more companies are entering the market and you will be pleased to know that there is a budget for everyone.

Sex doll torsos

Perhaps a great way to learn more and to experiment with what it’s like owning a life-sized love doll would be to first get a torso sex doll. Like what its name implies, a torso sex doll is a life-like yet economical way of experiencing intimacy with a significantly lower cost option. It’s like a test drive into the world of sex dolls - if you like it, you get the full package else the buck stops here.

Budget sex dolls

Fancy a full-sized sex doll but find the prices too high? Well, for starters, you might want to consider getting a TPE love doll as they generally are cheaper than their silicone counterparts (read more on the material differences between TPE and silicone dolls here). Alternatively, if you want the best of both worlds with a balanced budget, do consider getting a fusion doll - you’ll get a detailed silicone doll head with a wallet-friendly TPE body.

Scaled-down sex dolls

Also known as mini love dolls, they are faithfully reproduced from their life-sized doll cousins. Virtually the same as full-sized dolls, mini love dolls are perfect for people who want a lighter doll, a lower price point and all the goodness that comes with owning a sex doll. The smaller dolls retain their proportionate female ratios and possess anatomically correct vagina orifices, so there are no issues with their sexual functions.

Mid-range sex dolls

In fact, most sex dolls we see today fall within the mid-range price category as typically, a quality doll from a reputable brand would set you back anywhere from US$1,800 to US$2,800 and more. Again, the single most crucial factor would be the material cost (TPE or silicone) that would affect the price of a love doll the most. In this category, there is a tonne of customisation options that one could wish for under the sky.

Sex robots

Sex robots, with their impressive range of AI capabilities (it will get better with time) and advanced animatronic movements, are the future of the love doll industry. At the time of writing, RealDoll’s Quinn 1.0 will cost you an eye-watering price of US$8,148.99 - and that’s without customisations or further upgrades. On a side note, robotic companies are currently researching to produce service robots to help solve real-life problems in domestic settings, healthcare and education, amongst many other possibilities that these synthetic machines are capable of filling the labour gaps as many parts of the world grapple with an ageing population.

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