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Article: How To Take Care Of A Sex Doll

How To Take Care Of A Sex Doll

How To Take Care Of A Sex Doll

When you first receive your sex doll

After unboxing (and admiring her beauty), the first thing you should do is conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that there are no defects - visually scan through her head, torso, limbs, breasts, bums and her orifices to look out for any tears, scratches, etc. Most doll companies do not keep excess inventory, so it is very likely that your doll is built to order and therefore is a brand new doll. Also, attach the head and ensure that everything is in working order. Take some time to move her limbs as well. This will be the best time to report any defects or major mistakes to resolve the issue.

Cleaning a sex doll’s body

Rinse her with water and soap, giving her a thorough clean. Use only a soft piece of cloth such as a microfibre cloth to wipe her down. This is important as some towels are rather scratchy - you might unwittingly damage her delicate skin in the clean-up process. After this is done, apply baby powder or any fine talcum powder on her sparingly and use your hands to smooth it out. The powdering process will absorb any moisture and oil (yes, sex dolls do leak some oil, depending on their silicone or TPE blend), giving her a silky smooth skin feel.

How to care for her head

Arguably, her head is the most delicate part of the whole package. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to cause any accidental damage or cuts to her delicate face with the wrong cleaning methods or tools. The cleaning process is similar to the steps outlined above, but instead of splashing soapy water and lightly scrubbing her face (please don’t do that!), it is best to use a separate piece of high-quality microfibre cloth for the job. Using a damp microfibre cloth, gently dab across her face (be extra gentle) to remove any fine particles or lube on her face. It is highly recommended to only dab and not use any circular motions in the cleaning process as this may cause unnecessary friction thus causing the top layer of makeup to peel. Next, use a paper towel or another piece of soft microfibre towel to dab onto her skin in order to dry out any remaining moisture. Next, place her on a resting position and give it at least 60 minutes for her to dry out naturally. Finally, you can apply baby or talcum powder on her face (it’s best to use a makeup brush) to reinvigorate her.

Best way to clean out her vagina, anus and mouth cavity

There are several methods to effectively clean your sex doll’s orifices, and we recommend the following steps:

1. The recommended method would be to transport your doll to the toilet and use a water hose to flush her orifice out thoroughly, but we understand not everyone can or want to go through the hassle, hence:
2. Use an anal douche to give the orifice a good flush out after use
3. Continue flushing at least 3-5 times (or more) to ensure a thorough wash
4. Next, apply some liquid soap on your fingers and gently rub the orifice to remove any gunk
5. Repeat steps 1/2 & 3
6. Twist a dry microfibre into an elongated cloth tampon and gently insert it into the orifice to absorb any excess water
7. It is recommended to use a sex toy spray sanitiser to kill off any remaining bacteria
8. Give the orifice a few hours to let it air dry naturally

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