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Article: Popularity Of Realistic Sex Dolls

Popularity Of Realistic Sex Dolls

Popularity Of Realistic Sex Dolls

Truth be told, sex dolls have been around for a long time. It was said that in the sixteen
century, sailors sewed together cloths and old clothes and instantly created companions to
make their isolation in long sea voyages a little more bearable. The French named them
dame de voyage, and given the novelty of such an invention, the Dutch sold some of their
brilliant feminine dolls to the Japanese and to this day, Japanese sex doll advertisements still
refer to them as the Dutch Wives though the Chinese and the US are leading the doll race.

Anatomically correct and almost life-like

These days, with greater improvements in doll craftsmanship, immaculate sculpting and
technology standards, consumers are spoilt for choice. Fancy an ultra-realistic rendition of
the perfect female form? Many top brands, such as Zelex Doll, produces one of the highest
quality silicone dolls in the industry as it moulds their doll from real-life models to give their
dolls the most realistic features that are anatomically correct. The wax-level craftsmanship
gives these companions a feel and quality like no other in the industry.

Breathing doll companionship for that perfect snuggle

How about a doll that can actually breathe? Since August 2022, it’s taken the doll world by
storm with the introduction of this new breathing feature that you have to see it to believe it -
check out the official WM breathing doll video here. Well? We’re
equally amazed at the pace of doll technology as competition continues to heat up as sex
dolls gain more popularity and widespread acceptance.

AI sex dolls: the perfect companion?

Are we talking about fully functioning robotic love dolls here? At this moment, we don’t think
the industry is ready yet. However, there are a handful of doll companies we should definitely
keep our eyes on, with one being this leading US-based robotic love doll company, as well
as a few other emerging brands that could revolutionise the sex and companion service doll
industry. That said, if you are someone who fancies idyllic banter with your synthetic
companion after a long day, then perhaps engaging in idyllic small talk with your female
companion sounds like the perfect way to end the day.

What began as cloth puppets in the early days became increasingly life-like robots over the
course of technological innovations show no sign of slowing down with amazing doll features
being released year after year - what a time to be alive! Especially with the recent pandemic,
consumer spending appears to have changed quite a bit with sex toys and sex doll sales
gaining more popularity and for the years to come, the new trend looks like it is going to stay.

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