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Article: How Are Sex Dolls Made? - WM Dolls

How Are Sex Dolls Made? - WM Dolls

How Are Sex Dolls Made? - WM Dolls

How are sex toys brought into society? How are these silicone/TPE entities formed? If you are a die-hard doll fan, these questions are likely to have crossed your mind. It's natural to be curious about making a sex doll. However, snooping around a doll factory and witnessing the entire process unfold would be tiring and inconvenient. To quench your curiosity, we have a considerably superior solution.

We, your favorite host (aren't we? ), will demonstrate how sex dolls are made. We will lead you through the steps of building a fantastic sex doll. So, without further ado, let us get started.


This contains no metaphors. The initial phase of making a sex doll is carried out by the creative hands of artists and design personnel. They make a detailed drawing of the sex doll. After all, a sophisticated object like a sex doll necessitates careful planning. This preliminary sketch is then used to generate the doll's 3D model.

In most situations, the entire body of a sex doll is manufactured from a single mold. Some manufacturers, however, may choose to create arms and legs independently. It all relies on the wish of the maker. When the basic model is finished, it is sectioned off.

It should be noted that the doll's head is separate from the body. This is because the head is a more detailed piece of work that requires more attention than the body.


But have we made the mold yet? No and yes, respectively. The previous stage demonstrated a simple mold, subsequently used to produce a hazardous mold. Take the phrase lightly because it is the basic mold supporting the sex doll's skeletal framework. The skeleton must be adequately modified to give the doll a natural stance. The skeletal structure is usually thicker in the thigh and breast areas. We'll go through that in further depth later. The most important thing now is ensuring the doll has a proper structure. This means that the mold must be in perfect sync with the skeleton.


We are currently at the point where TPE or silicone is used. Yes, this has reached the third stage of production. We successfully constructed a mould supported by a well-in-place skeleton in the previous stage. The TPE/silicone is presently being poured over the mold. The correct amount of material (silicone or TPE) must be poured. The issue is that using too little TPE/silicone results in a highly rigid construction for the doll. It would be like making love to hard, solid rock. However, if we apply less TPE or silicone, the doll will become flabby and flaccid.

At this stage, the pigmentation of the skin and other aspects, such as skin texture, are scrutinized. There is almost no room for error at this stage, and even a tiny mistake might completely wreck the doll's design. As a result, this is the phase that requires the most scrutiny.

The material is allowed to cool after it has been poured in.


This is the most challenging yet fascinating aspect of the entire procedure. The first step is to remove the doll from the mold. The main structure of the sex doll is finished at about this time. However, the sex doll does not resemble the market's fashionable versions. The doll has a lot of unnecessary stuff that has to be eliminated. This is accomplished by design experts who tweak and shape the doll. Their task, however, requires more than simply reducing excess "fat."

The skin is also fine-tuned and evened out by professionals. Typically, a spatula is used for this. We'll go on to the next stage once this one is finished.


This is the final and most time-consuming step in the sex doll-making process. Eyes, fingernails, hair, brows, meticulously molded breasts, and other elements adorn the doll. The doll is meticulously crafted to appear more lifelike. The idea is to make a doll that is as lifelike as possible. This step is unique to each sex doll, and it is also performed by a large number of specialists and professionals.

It is also possible to see if any part of the doll needs to be repaired or altered. This stage grows more complicated for advanced dolls, such as AI Dolls. The dolls feature elaborate modifications like groaning mechanisms, tongues, teeth sets, etc.

Finally, once all corrections and revisions have been completed, the doll is ready to send. Building an adult love doll is time-consuming and complex, but the result is stunning.

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