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Article: How To Avoid Being Stained?

How To Avoid Being Stained?

How To Avoid Being Stained?

Dying is caused by the oil dissolving the fuel on top of the garment and entering into the doll material; in general, the severity of the dyeing of the New sex doll = the quantity of dyeing pigment * the period of contact * the amount of contact pressure. The amount of dyeing pigment used is often proportional to the age of the garments and the dying substance used. The more times clothing is cleaned, the less dyeable material is left on it, so the older the clothes, the less stainable. The less staining substance that can be dissolved and the less probable it is to be stained, the lighter the color of the garment.
1. Because the time the realistic sex doll is in touch with the clothing is related to the degree of the staining, remove any potentially stained clothing immediately after the picture session.

2. The discoloration is related to the pressure between the lifesize sex doll and the clothes in touch with it. For example, if the same bright, dark-colored clothing is placed on the sex doll and then pressed against the bottom for the same period, the staining will be worse where the bottom is pressed.
The sex doll staining scenario is caused by the physical dispersion of color particles. It may be prevented as much as possible by paying attention to the essential principles described above.
1. Put on old clothes.
2. Try to get new, high-quality garments; inexpensive clothes are the most prone to stains.
3. If there is no old clothing, and the economic circumstances do not allow for the purchase of expensive clothes, then the new clothes purchased should first be washed with washing or laundry detergent 5-8 times, and only then should you consider changing the doll.
4. Please do not push the cloth with the weight of the love doll; keep this in mind when posing with the doll.
5. Immediately after shooting images, change the garments at risk of staining to decrease the time of contact.
6. To isolate the external clothing, consider giving the genuine doll a one-piece sock. Alternatively, pad the garment with a light-colored cloth or restaurant paper where there is near pressure. Most black pajamas, for example, have shrink bands around the bust, where the pressure is considerably stronger than elsewhere and also particularly prone to staining, so pad inside with a white handkerchief or restaurant paper.
If you sleep with your adult love doll, please remember that your own sheets, covers, and pajamas are not readily soiled. Still, they are acceptable if they are all light-colored or ancient.

Furthermore, doll oiling is an irreversible physical process, and the amount of oiling is connected to the doll's material formula and the temperature of the location where the doll is housed. The simple solution is to powder the doll ahead of time, first for the feel, then for the simplicity of dressing, and finally for the oil to be absorbed and neutralized by the talcum powder when the TPE sex doll is oily.
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