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Article: Starpery Realistic & Life-like Dolls

Starpery Realistic & Life-like Dolls

Starpery Realistic & Life-like Dolls

1. Lifelike doll head sculpture & Enhanced face makeup

Undoubtedly, many of us are loyal fans of gorgeous faces. We can buy one more head for a doll's body when we get tired of the original one or want to hunt a new beautiful face. So, having a realistic sex doll face matters.

To make a sex doll head lifelike:

  1. You should design a promising prototype that comes with reasonable measurements which will bring the face contour to your ideal type.
  2. Start head sculpting, coloring, makeup, and hair implanting.
  3. A realistic face comes out.

All of these need a professional team to cope with, like our factory founder Mr. Chou, who has focused on sculpture for over 10 years; before the establishment of the doll factory in 2015, he had been running a professional heads sculpture business. So now, Starpery can create heads freely and offer real faces that fans like.

2. Upgraded Body parts & Realistic body painting

Long ago, a sex doll was solely designed to satisfy users' sexual needs; comfortable softness is the primary point to users. At that time, sex doll bodies are just a basic material look and not much craftsmanship. With years and years of improvements, sex dolls are getting more and more lifelike. Hence they can meet more spiritual needs; users can be ordinary buyers, college students who major in paintings, photographers, and even artists..etc.

Now, check what improvements were made to sex doll body parts in recent years:


Doll makers have been making them soft yet elastic, which are touched like honest women; Solid boob touches are not good enough. Even if the soft TPE dolls are soft, its TPE boobs are just okay; Then the hollow boob this is nice, especially for big cups; Last, gel-filled boobs are amazing. Gel boobs are the most realistic version when you squeeze them. The softness and touch feeling are impressive that you may think they are just natural. The other feature - Areola, now requires to be specific colors. These specific sizes are inspired by genuine females from different ethnicities. This exactly showcases that sex dolls are way more diverse.

Vagina & anus:

Vaginas of different types were designed to cater to doll users'users' needs, either external look or internal designs. In terms of vagina colors, they can be pink, red, or burgundy; The shapes can be butterfly vulva, bun vulva...Regarding the internal part of vaginas & anuses, doll makers design a wide range of textured side walls for better sexual pleasure.


The finger is the vital part that offers realistic experiences. The last doll's fingers feel like silicone/TPE sticks that can be easily shaped into weird shapes. Therefore, the articulated finger was developed with joint-like metal stuff, and the fingers have a realistic and firm look. Customers still choose this option, while the articulated finger may easily be torn up. For Starpery, we have been improving this for better use and durability; Even for the copper wire version, we now adopt more complex material with a pleasant user experience.


As the critical part of a sex doll, big booty might be the first choice for many of us, but definitely, there are still many different types of butts that people prefer; Size, shape, and ethnicity these factors are considered doll makers carefully. Butts are consistent with doll figures; doll makers can design a new body for the ideal butts. These imply doll types are getting more diverse and detailing.

TPE/Silicone Body Painting and coloring

TPE is a porous material that is less firm than silicone, complicating the painting process. In 2019, manufacturers finally started working on this, and factories realized this was an excellent step toward realistic sex dolls. To color and paint a TPE sex doll, we have these workmanships now, 1. Texture skin, 2. Freckles, moles 3. blood veins 4. bikini-lines

For silicone bodies, painting/coloring was achieved earlier and was more effortless. The 4 features above can be easily put on a silicone doll. Furthermore, the effects are incomparable; If you owned a TPE sex doll and a silicone sex doll, you could figure silicone dolls look highly lifelike.

End with Prospects:

Sex dolls are increasingly realistic. The face, the body parts, and every detail are being improved as much as possible. As of now, most parts we can finish well. But still, the most complicated and essential functions that doll makers haven't achieved yet are facial expression and further intelligent conversation. When these are finally achieved, we may say sex dolls are truly lifelike.

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