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Article: Instruction Of Solid Doll

Instruction Of Solid Doll

Instruction Of Solid Doll

The solid doll is used to take photos or accompany us. Meanwhile, it provides a safe and fresh feeling to people tired of complicated social relations. Once they come to you, we hope you can consider it as your family. To take care of them, please read the instruction at least twice.

How to store our dolls?

No matter TPE body or silicone body, we don't recommend you keep her in the same posture for a long time, up to days. We think the original posture is the best way to keep the dolls. Because it is the born posture, the doll can relax with it instead of tense. So the best posture is a doll laid down flat on a bed or somewhere without sunshine and wind. The sunshine or wind can dry the skin and take the oil away from the skin so that it is cracked. If the doll can't get enough relaxation and maintenance regularly, the doll's life span is shortened.

When we don't use the doll, we should keep the doll naked, wrapped with the blanket or film bag we provided, and then laid down flat in the right place. One shower a month to keep her skin not dry.

Some people like to hang her in a closet, even if it is not the way we recommend. It might be okay for some slim dolls, but for the heavy doll with big boobs and ass, it is a high risk to keep her in that way. Long time hanging, the boobs and ass might be torn by gravity.

Please don't keep the doll in a chair or stand her for months without any maintenance. Even though she has no movement, it heavily goes against the best storage way. Finally, the doll life span is heavily short also.

How to pose a doll?

It is a challenging job for newbies to pose as a doll. But if you remember this tip, it is a piece of cake. Please note all postures start from dolls laid down flat. That's why we strongly recommend you keep your doll flat. When you wear clothes to them, when you stand them, when you make them sitting, the first step is lain her down flat and keep the torso and leg erect.

1: Sitting

When the doll is laid down flat, as described above, move the two legs up to nearly 90 degrees with the torso, and then raise the torso in the vertical direction so that the two legs to the horizontal direction. Now the doll is sitting, you can bend the knees in a vertical direction and also, finally, plug the head with a connector into the neck, so the doll's posture should be like the one below.

2: Wear underwear or pant.

Let's return to the laid-down posture, move the legs in the horizontal direction, wear the pant or skirt from the legs until the hip, put the doll sitting, and pull up the pant or skirt over the hip.

3: Wear the T-shirt

When the doll is sitting, move their hands up over the neck! (Now the head has not added it on the neck) Please, check the armpits have not torn or cut over there before. If it has, please repair them first. And then put on the clothes over the neck. And then move their hands down, and return to their place. Add the head, finally.

4: Wear a bra or Shirt

When the doll is sitting, open the hands, it is easier to wear them.

5: Stand a doll

If you finish too, wear pants and a T-shirt for your dolls. As we said above, let's return to the original posture, the laid down flat. Keep the torso and leg erect. No crook to the left or right.

Firstly you can check the bolt in the sole. If the bolt is very much, then you should screw them out of the sole TPE or silicone skin. Please find the right place to ensure the bolt is not out of sole but stable. This can help your doll sole from any damage once you stand her.

When all is finished, we can move the doll stand on the flat; the ankle and knee should be very stiff because they can undertake the gravity of the doll, not bent by the doll's weight. When the doll stands with your help, you can leave the doll alone and check which direction she is going to tilt. If she tilts backward, you can step on the doll's feet, put her body towards a bit, and try again.

If she tilts towards it, then she also steps on the doll's feet. Move your body forwards slowly.

In the standing process, all movement should be slow, and check the doll is not damaged from time to time.

6: Doggie style

From the original posture, put up the legs erecting, bend the knee, and then turn over the body. The doggie style is finished. Please watch; it is the elbows that undertake the gravity of a doll with knees. Don't use your hands or finger to bear the doll.

How to clean the doll

As we said at first, it is essential to clean your doll. Generally, once a month to wash her skin. It is better to only take a shower rather than sink the doll in the water. Don't use her in the water. It makes water flow into the vagina and breed bacteria. To those dolls with realistic skin. Don't wash them with soap, water, shampoo, or shower gel. The clean water is enough to wash her body. If you like to wash her with cleaning gel, you can let us know in advance, and we can have bottles of body lotion for you.

After washing the doll's body, dry her with a blanket and then powder her throughout. To those private holes, you can dry them with a hair dryer. Wrap her with a dry blanket, and put her into the box. Make sure the place the doll stays are superb and no wind blows her skin.

How to avoid doll dye?

It is basically no solution once your doll is dyed, especially the TPE body. So the important for dolls is avoiding to be dyed. Remember the below items. It can avoid 99% of accidents.

1: Don't wear any dark color underclothes. Especially the black bra and black underwear.
2: Light color clothes are better. White socks, underwear, or bra don't have the dyed worry.
3: Any underclothes should wash them before use.
4: And we provide pieces of TPE or silicone material with dolls. You can use it to test the clothes.
5: When you test clothes, please wet their clothes. And wrap the material piece very well. In 1~2 hours, we can check it.
6: Don't leave the clothes on the doll overnight.

What should you watch when you move the doll and pose her?

Please check the doll skeleton, and learn its joint structure. Plus, see it below. All movement span have a limitation like a human being. Once you find it is stiff, it means it meets the limitation of the movement. So please don't force her to move again. It is better to think about the joint natural station or move it back. Once you don't know how to get the posture you want, or it seems as a doll stuck by a posture, please contact us with some pictures.

To avoid any tear from blunt force, please gently and slowly.

How to protect the finger bone?

Fingerbone is made of metal to get enough strength. But the edge of the metal might cut the soft silicone or TPE skin. And the finger bone might poke the finger out if customers use them in inappropriate methods.

Please be aware of the Doggie-style when the whole doll body is forced on the hands.

What can we do if we find a tear on the skin?

In the use of the doll, it might tear by some sharp thing when you move the doll. Once you find the tear, please move the doll back to the natural posture as we emphasized again and again. Let the doll lay down flat, and keep the tear with no tension over there. And then using the way we show to fix it.

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