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Article: Upgraded Gear Skeleton

Upgraded Gear Skeleton

Upgraded Gear Skeleton

Concerning customers' feedback and development needs, Starpery recently upgraded the doll skeleton; this new Gear Skeleton is more expensive than the last version, but they did not charge extra.

All the joints are replaced by gear parts, and obviously, the new gear skeleton is way more complicated than the old version Starpery showcased last year.

What are the advantages of this new skeleton compared to the last-gen skeleton?

1. MORE FLEXIBLE: The joints of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and knee area are neatly built with flexible gears, which means the doll-posing will be easier and have less stiffness

2. GET RID OF LOOSE: With this new skeleton, the hip/shoulder joints will be more durable and avoid joints turning loose after long-time use

3. NO CREAKS: Some old skeletons are too tight, which may bring about creaks when posing her; this flexible gear skeleton will make the process smooth and quiet.

4. FURTHER MODIFICATION: in case of the overstretch of arms, a small change will be made on the shoulder area of the new skeleton, which can avoid the tearing below the armpits.


This new skeleton was designed to increase the joint's flexibility and durability and make the posing free; further shoulder modification will be made to avoid the arm overstretch. In the end, have a look at the images below.

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