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Article: Weight Reduction : Starpery Sex Doll

Weight Reduction : Starpery Sex Doll

Weight Reduction : Starpery Sex Doll

In sex doll industry, we address silicone / TPE sex dolls as solid dolls to distinguish them from blow-up dolls; so is it substantial? The answer is yes and no. Yes, this is because the doll is excellent and filled with many materials that finally make up a solid doll. For no, this is because the internal part of a sex doll comprises some other lightweight auxiliary materials that can help support the outer silicone / TPE material. This internal part can considerably lessen the dolls' weight. Regardless of the feasibility of imaging a sex doll full of silicone, how heavy is it? It's a nightmare for anyone who wants to have a TPE/Silicone sex doll. Therefore, optimizing foam cores is the critical point in reducing the weight of a sex doll.

Tricky Issues of Weight Reduction of Sex Dolls

1: The density of foam material should be much smaller than solid silicone/TPE to ensure the weight can be reduced effectively.
2: The foam core should be able to undertake the pressure well when the liquid silicone/TPE is poured into the mold. This is involved another problem: we can harden the foam core to sustain the silicone/TPE, but this will definitely affect the softness of a doll. But if the foam core is soft, then it can't bear the pressure and finally gets caved in.
3: The foam core size should be proper
if too small, then it can't cut down the weight at all
if too big, the touch feeling will be a problem like issue 2, plus It will sharply decrease the success rate in production and make it hard to produce in massive numbers.

Foam core tests and achieve weight reduction

We looked for tens of suppliers to see who could offer this perfect foam core with proper size and hardness. This process took a lot of effort and time; we tested a wide range of foam cores and unexceptionally failed with tons of wasted skeletons, foam core, TPE, and silicone. But luckily, In recent months, we finished the weight reduction on silicone dolls; then, In the past month, the TPE dolls gradually became lightweight and pleasant. Now 169cm TPE body is as light as 28kg around, with the head still less than 30kg. This is already an incredible number that users can hold up effortlessly.


We have defaulted to a weight reduction when receiving customers' orders; this option is free. The final weight-contrast data is coming out soon, imaging a 150cm TPE doll body of 20kg while remaining soft and life-sized. This is good news for these guys who often need to move or pose dolls.

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